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黑蕨"Black Fern"
The vitality from ancient times, a light booming in the dark

Ferns have appeared on the earth as early as 400 million years ago. They are the most primitive group of vascular plants. They can also grow and bloom in a humid and harsh environment. Under the difficult international situation and political environment, Taiwan still tenaciously conveys the value of democracy and freedom Taiwan is well known as “Kingdom of Ferns”, with more than 650 different types of ferns, 60 of which are endemic, and more than 200 rare. Unique culture and art have been nurtured in such a place with outstanding people. I believe it can bring contemporary Butoh even more different vision and excitement.


Solo performance as Taiwanese artist Hu Chia. In his works, the performer combines the art of calligraphy and the body aesthetics of contemporary Butoh, synchronizing the deep Zen spirit through the interdisciplinarity of visual operations and performing arts. In this way, he connects the restrained and gentle spirit of traditional Taiwanese Kung Fu called "Monkey and Crane Double Form Chuan" with artistic space composed of people and environments.

Performance: Hu Chia

Duration: 20min

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SA 3.12 > 21 Uhr

Das Lot

Absberggasse 31, 1100 Wien

Dauer: 20 Min
Tickets:  25/15 €

(Double section including another performance of 40min - ECATE)


In December 6th there will be a master class with the dancer Hu Chia


Workshop content:
- Brief history of the White Crane Chuan (白鶴拳)
- The White Crane Chuan Breathing
- The White Crane Chuan Treatise (Relax the body, lighten the horse stance, soften the arms, focus minded.)

Hu Chia will bring up a Taiwanese traditional martial art that we used for our Butoh training system.
Will be speaking in English and Taiwanese, welcome to experience the atmosphere of our beautiful language.

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