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Curator of Asia Butoh Forum 2022

‣ Artistic director of Huchia Theatre
‣ Chairperson of the Taiwan International Butoh Association
‣ Committee of Taiwan-Hong Kong Economic Co-operation Council

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Creative Concepts

Combining calligraphy art and the corporal aesthetics of contemporary Butoh, Huchia Theatre introduces viewers to the synchronicity of the profound Zen spirit via interdisciplinary operations of visual and performing arts, which connects the restrained and gentle spirit of the traditional Taiwanese Kung Fu called "Monkey and Crane Double Form Chuan" with artistic space composed of both people and environments.

Recent Activities

• Curator of Taiwan International Darkness Dance Festival 2017 ~2021

• Curator of Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Exhibition 2014 ~ 2021

• Participate in アジアトライAkita千秋芸術祭, Asia Tri Jogja 2019, 2021

• Curator of Asia Butoh Forum 2022

• Curator of International Butoh Online Forum in Taipei 2022

• Emotional expression guide for the main actors of "Untold Herstory" 2022

• Release "瘟 Plague"at 감각력의 차원들 2021

• Physical and Emotional expression guide for the main actors of "Wrath OfDesire" 2021

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