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"Tarot Butoh Cards" #3

Oracle, Improvisation game, Electroacoustic music,Live painting and dance performances.

The dancers are on the stage. A tarologist opens the Tarot for the audience.
"Do you have some questions?" According to the revealed cards, a musician will compose ambiences, soundscapes and electroacoustic dramaturgies to be danced to. Parallel to these performances, a visual artist will synthesize the entire composition of the cards, dance and soundscapes in the paintings of this oracle.

"Decipher me or I will devour you"


Special guest: Lucia Sombras (ES)

Dancers: Group of workshop participants

Direction and performance: Will Lopes (BR)

Th 3.12 > 20 Uhr

Das Lot

Absberggasse 31, 1100 Wien

Duration: 45 Min
Tickets:  20/10 €


Das Lot Space

Absberggasse 31, 1100 Wien

Meet The Team

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Butoh Dancer

special guest


Scene Director & Perfromance

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