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Karolina Bieszczad-Stie

Artistic director of Butoh Encounters platform where Butoh, the Japanese
avant-garde dance, serves as an umbrella for various interdisciplinary projects. Karolina has a multidisciplinary educational background, including literature, drama, theatre, physical theatre, performance, dance and photography.

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Karolina Bieszczad-Stie holds a PhD in Performing Arts from Brunel University in London and has worked with most iconic Butoh figures throughout the last 20 years, including Yoshito Ohno and Saga Kobayashi. Since 2017 she runs a creative platform Butoh Encounters with a focus on collaborative projects such as the fashion show New You New Me presented at Oslo Runway, the Butoh dining experience The Last Supper, the holographic performance Multiverse or Rebellion of the Cell inspired by cell biology. Karolina's recent interest lies in contextualising Butoh within futurology and transhumanism, and she is currently working on new projects: a performative installation Inside out, Micro-choreography in collaboration with The Centre for Cancer Cell Reprogramming at the University of Oslo and The Woman who married a Shrimp - NFTs with Eric Bieszczad-Stie. Born in Poland, educated in England, Karolina resides in Norway since 2009.

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