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Hiroshi Morishima

  • Chairperson of Hokkaido Contemporary Dance Association

  • Producer of CONTE-SAPPORO Dance Center

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sekirou Tajima Sculpture Art Foundation

  • Performance Director of TOBIU Art Festival

  • President of RACKA Inc.

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Creative Concepts

Hokkaido is a large island in the northernmost part of Japan.

The organization I am involved with contributes to the promotion and dissemination of performing arts and art in Hokkaido. Our main activities include: organizing contemporary dance and Butoh festivals, developing human resources for choreographers and dancers through workshops and courses, managing artists, assisting domestic and international artists and dance companies in their production in Hokkaido, providing training space support for young artists, and We also provide publicity support for artists. Although we are more like an intermediary support group than an arts organization, we sometimes organize conceptual, self-produced performances in order to offer new values.

Recent Activities

  • Sapporo International Butoh Festival 2017

  • Hokkaido Butoh Festival 2018-2021

  • Dance Exhibition Sapporo 2016-2022

  • TOBIU Art Festival 2011-2022

  • Contemporary Literary Performance "Jigoku-hen" Japan Tour 2016-2017

  • Sapporo Choreo Choreographer Training Course 2014,2019-2022

  • Contemporary Dance x Street Dance Performance "Zero Point”

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